2019 - 2020

This year we will be continuing the AVID binder organization method.  Students in 6th and 7th grades can choose to use one 4” binder or three 2” binders.  Students in 8th-12th grades can choose to use one 4" binder or two 2-3" binders.  Ideally, the backpack includes an internal pocket for the Chromebook. 

Students should have the supplies for their binders on their first day of classes.  The organizational system will be taught to new students (and reviewed with returning students) as they set up their binders, including labeling the dividers. 

Families can support their students by ensuring they are ready the first day of school.  If your family would like to support another student, feel free to create a 1st Day of School Supplies Kit (see abbreviated list on MYP Supply Lists above) for another student and drop it off in the school office.  Families who need help providing supplies for their students should contact the school office.