School Supply List 2021-22


Pens and pencils



Markers or colored pencils


Glue stick

Scotch tape


Binders with tabbed dividers

Pencil pouch, zippered

4 x 6” index cards

Small post-its or colored tabs for marking texts

1 one-subject 3-hole punched, 1/4" grid graph paper wireless notebook

5 one-subject 3-hole punched, college-ruled wireless notebooks

1 college-ruled composition book - Grades 9-12 only

Ream of white copy paper

Kleenex (2 large boxes)

Dry erase markers

Graphing Calculator for Grade 8-12 students enrolled in AGS 2 or higher. Students needing a calculator can check one out from the Library here once school starts.

To note, some teachers may ask for additional supplies when classes begin.