Summer Reading Assignments Grade 9-12

ISB Summer Reading Work - High School

Choose a book from the reading list for the grade level you will be entering next year. After reading the text, complete all of the activities listed below for the grade level you will be entering next year.

In addition to reading a text from the appropriate reading list, you will complete three (3) activities that will be submitted on the first day of school.* Rather than reading your text at the end of the summer, plan to read it at least twice - once at the beginning, and a second time as you complete the assignments. Assume that all assignments will be scored on one or more of the IB criteria for your grade level which can be found on the ISB website.

Please remember that it’s important for you to do independent work based on your own observations and thoughts.  You are forbidden from consulting any sources other than the book that you choose to read.  If you find that you’re unable to understand the book, please choose another one that matches your reading level more closely.

*These assignments are based on a year-long study of student work conducted by the ISB English Department. After determining the skills students struggled most to maintain over the long summer breaks, we designed our summer reading assignments to help bolster those skills during that time.